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Open the wings and fly ... to achieve the desires with my hands and offer it to you ... Dear monicacos: that we would like, to meet your needs and desires ..
We are a dream come true. We are monicacos the world and we want to make beautiful things on this planet, for our future are the monicacos, the s obesity.
We are parents who wanted more time at home to be more monicacos and play and learn. We thought this project with enthusiasm, excitement and a little scary. But the road became four little steps forward and one step back .. and now we can finally show you this work and offer these products with great affection and love we have selected.
This space aims to be the place of monicacos, place Bug Childrens' s, where to find what you're looking at the right price.
We have carefully selected games and toys that we consider adequate to cover the main needs of children 's to maximize all aspects of the game can offer at each developmental stage.
Organic toys, original wooden toys, construction, science and nature games to develop imagination and creativity. Educational toys, safe, durable and fun. We have a selection of two-line teaching Montessori and Waldorf. And a lot of cuties in home decor. We also want to expand our store adding books, clothing and footwear and some other ecological developments.
Enter our store browsing their compartments and be surprised with our wide selection and so much fun.
We can find also in our blog "The monicacos and his world", where we will share with you important aspects of the game as well as information about our materials.
The monicacos play, up and down, build mimic laugh, cry and fly .. Let them be monicacos and play to be monicacos .. It's fun!